JAVAD Mobile Tools for Android™ Version 4.5

JAVAD Mobile Tools (JMT) version 4.5 contains improvements for easier use on your Android™ device. Please backup all your JMT data from the JAVAD folder before updating. Release Notes Access Rights Android™ 10 changed access rights for privacy. Applicable Receivers TRIUMPH-1M TRIUMPH-2, TRIUMPH-3 ALPHA, SIGMA, OMEGA New Features Data exchange between controllers Augment reality stakeout […]

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Firmware Version 4.2.01

Firmware version 4.2.01 adds many new features for improved performance of JAVAD receivers, as well as enhancements and bug fixes for easier operation. The details are included in the GNSS Receiver External Interface Specification (GREIS), revised June 25, 2022. Release Notes Applicable Receivers All JAVAD GNSS receivers Exceptions: TRIUMPH-LS/LS+, TRIUMPH-VS, TRIUMPH-2 rev3 and lower TRE_G3T […]

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J-Field 4.0 Release

J-Field 4.0 is released for TRIUMPH-LS Plus. See the Release Notes for new features and bug fixes. View upgrade instructions on pages 10-11 of the User Manual. J-Field 4.0 Migration Guide Contact Us

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JAVAD Appoints Simon Baksh Head of Product Development

JAVAD GNSS Hires Head of Product Development Industry veteran Simon Baksh is joining JAVAD GNSS as Head of Product Development. Baksh trained as a chartered surveyor and first applied his land and hydrographic survey expertise to optimize oil exploration working for Schlumberger internationally. He has since held increasingly senior product management roles in companies such […]

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