JAVAD GNSS has over 40 years of cutting-edge innovation in Land Survey GNSS receivers, integrating digital UHF radios, cellular modems, WiFi, Bluetooth and antennas.

Key Benefits

• Multi-constellation, multi-frequency GNSS technology
• Multi-path reduction, anti-jamming, and anti-spoofing technology
• Integrated UHF / SS Radio
• Integrated cellular modem
• All-day power capacity
• Compact size for portability

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RTPK Option

Combine the strengths of RTK and PPK to get the best of both worlds. RTPK post-processes and verifies your RTK data in parallel and real-time.

“With Javad’s Triumph LS Plus with RTPK, I can get repeatable, verifiable and accurate coordinates in the woods. Just don’t tell the competition, they still think it can’t be done.”

– Ty Brady, PLS

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  • Performance

    Recognized performance in challenging conditions using advanced GNSS signal management that delivers accuracy and reliability.

  • Productivity

    Assured repeatability from patented simultaneous multi-engine solutions.

  • End-To-End Control

    All proprietary in-house PCB assembly and design.


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